Your Undergarment Tutorial



What To Wear After Your Surgery:
Your Undergarment Tutorial

By: Andrea Kopfler
Proprietor, Bra La Vie

Having breast surgery is never an easy thing, but you can make yourself more comfortable by stopping to consider the undergarments you will need afterwards. You will have special needs – and now there are many options to help you meet those needs. What’s more, Medicare and several insurance companies provide coverage for many special breast surgery products and undergarments, including:

  •   1 non-silicone breast form

  •  1 silicone breast form or shaper nipples

  • 2 post-surgical camisoles

  • 2 leisure bras

  • Post-mastectomy bras, if prosthesis is required 

Before Your Surgery:  Make an appointment with a certified mastectomy fitter to explore all of your post-surgical needs. Women should be fitted for camisoles and leisure bras prior to surgery to avoid exposing incisions during post-op recovery. 

Immediately After Your Surgery:  Items you might want to consider, include: 

  •  Lightweight Puffs – Used to provide symmetry to the chest, as well as serve as pouches to hold surgical drains
  •  Post-op Camisole – Can be easily put on and are worn until drains are removed
  • Compression Bra – zipper or velcro front
  • Leisure Bra – Soft, comfortable bras with front openings worn until drains are removed and while incisions are still healing
  • Non-Silicone Lightweight Forms – Ideal for post-surgical recovery or during radiation
  • Gel Petals – Decrease irritation to sensitive post-surgical tissue and decrease scar formation; can be cooled in a refrigerator
  • Special Bras for Radiation– Feature no inner seams or metal
  • Special Bras for Chemotherapy – Feature accommodations for implanted ports

Four to Six Weeks After Your Surgery:   

  • Silicone Prosthesis and Mastectomy Bra – Once incision is completely healed, you can be fitted for these. Even women choosing reconstruction qualify for a shaper prosthesis.

  • Adhesive Silicone Nipples – Available if desired

  • Silicone Shapers – Available for women who have completed reconstruction and are not completely symmetrical 

Six Weeks and Beyond:  

  • Matching Pocketed Bra and Panty Sets
  • Pocketed Sleep and Lounge Wear
  • Pocketed Sports Wear
  • Pocketed Swimsuits
  • Swim Forms

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