SurviveDat Talk


 Photos By: Carl Kluttz

I'm a Survivor!

Every cancer patient has a unique story and it helps others going through the same journey to hear yours. That is why SurviveDAT invites all young breast cancer survivors to share their personal experience. (Submission of video is consent of its usage and all videos are subject for review before being posted) Click here to upload video.

The Importance of SurviveDat To Louisiana's Young Breast Cancer Survivors (YBCS)

Louisiana (LA) represents a state in need of cancer services, particularly for women under 45 and African American (AA) women. In the period 2006-2010, LA ranked 3rd in the U.S. for deaths from breast cancer at 25.4 per 100,000 females (U.S. average of 22.6). LA also ranked 2nd for deaths from breast cancer for women under 50. For AA women, LA ranked 2nd for deaths from breast cancer, and for death rates in AA women less than 50, LA ranked 1st. Click here to continue reading.

Q & A with SurviveDat

Started in 2011, SurviveDat has brought a fun and friendly atmosphere to breast cancer support for younger women battling the disease. With monthly meetings held at cancer services, SurviveDat brings playful and enjoyable support to New Orleans, Covington and Baton Rouge-area women in their 20s and 30s fighting cancer. Click here to continue reading.

A Program For Younger Breast Cancer Survivors In Louisiana

What do Angelina Jolie and 2013 Miss America Pageant contestant, Allyn Rose have in common? They are young, beautiful, and both have elected to have bilateral mastectomies without an actual diagnosis of breast cancer due to a combination of family history and possession of the BRCA-1 gene mutation. Click here to continue reading.