MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker (Free)
Measures your nutrient intake and physical activity each day and monitors my progress. Also provides easy to read charts and tables comparing your daily nutritional intake to the recommended daily requirements.

ShopWell App (Free)
This app allows you to scan barcodes on food products to help you decide if a food is a good match for your personal dietary needs. It also creates grocery lists and helps you avoid ingredients you don’t want.

Fooducate (Free)
This app allows you to scan barcodes and provides you with detailed nutritional content of food products. Fooducate gives the product’s highlights (both good and bad), shows healthier alternatives, and lets users compare products.

Healthy Recipes by SparkPeople (Free)
Find nutritious meals from one of the world’s largest healthy recipes website. Save your favorites and view all of the nutrition facts for each meal.

Restaurant Nutrition (Free)
Restaurant Nutrition lists nutrition information for restaurant chains across the United States. You can add the item to your food journal to track your eating habits, including the calories and nutritional information, and avoid foods that you may have allergies to.

Meal Planning and Grocery List (Free)
This app helps you find healthy recipes within your diet restrictions and helps you create menus and grocery shopping lists. You can also locate nearby grocery stores.