On Saturday, April, 18, 2015, the Young Breast Cancer Survivorship Network will be hosting their 3rd Annual Young Breast Cancer Survivors Workshop at the University of Alabama, Birmingham School of Nursing from 10 am – 2pm.  The workshop sessions include:


                Breast Cancer Risk and Genetics

                Young and Surviving

                Families and Relationships

                Survivorship Discussion Groups

                Shake Your Soul Yoga Dance


SurviveDat would like to have our survivors in attendance at this conference. Registration and lunch is free and limited to the first 200 participants. However, other expenses may include hotel and travel. SurviveDat is offering 10 scholarships in the amount of $350 each to assist with these expenses. To qualify, applicants must be active members of SurviveDat (support group/workshop participation), commit to be at the entirety of the conference and complete a 75-word essay on how the knowledge gained at the workshop will be used to advance the mission of SurviveDat.  Please include the following on your submission:




How long you  have been a survivor

Location at which you participate (Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Covington)

Activities in which you have participated.


The deadline for submission is no later that March 26th at 12pm. Get a deal at one of the two conference hotels before April 1st (so don't delay). If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Helen McMillan at HMcMi1@LSUHSC.edu



AuthorMichelle Lawrence