The arts and the feeling pleasure from nature have helped people heal after breast cancer.  Seeking the joy in life, nature, surroundings, and finding an interest in the arts are common after cancer.  Here are some tips about the healing arts and nature to think about:

  • Listen to music.  Music has helped calm the soul for years.  The choice of music is up to you – whether you enjoy classical, rock, jazz, alternative, spiritual or religious music.  Take a few minutes each day to listen to music and relax.
  • Reading books, poetry, scriptures, and/or spiritual booksmay also give you with new view of living after breast cancer and in caring for your soul, body, and mind.  Sometimes, other breast cancer survivors may share a poem or story of interest.  Others have also shared stories of survival.  Read some of these stories to help you in healing after breast cancer.
  • Express your artistic side through painting, and/or art appreciation is soothing and healing for the soul.  Even if you have never tried painting in the past, think of this as a way to express yourself.
  • Enjoying nature through walks, hiking, or sports can help you to heal.  Women who have taken part in wilderness and Outward Bound-type activities have found great pleasure and healing.

When Do You Need To Seek Help?
You can do all of these things on your own.  If you would like help, ask friends and family members what they do to relax and express themselves.

Useful websites:
Arts & Healing-Smith Center for Healing and the Arts.

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