Financial Burden of Cancer

The cost of having cancer is not the same for each person.  Some people have great insurance that leaves them with few out of pocket costs.  But most people do have some out of pocket costs that may be a burden.  Many of the resources listed below are a good start for those who may be feeling the financial impact of cancer.

Tips to Take Control of Your Finances

  • Let your creditors know about your financial situation. If you are becoming behind on your bills, it is important to let them know now rather than later. You may be able to negotiate with them once they are aware of your situation. You have a right to not be harassed by creditors, and it is up to you to decide which bills need to be paid and in which order.
  • Talk to your health care team about your financial situation. Most cancer care providers understand the high cost of care and the demands that it puts on their patients. Social workers and financial counselors may be able to help you navigate your insurance company and help you find additional assistance. Many providers allow their patients to set up monthly payment plans. It is important to talk to them about your situation, so they are aware in advance.

When Do You Need To Seek Help?
!  If you are having issues with work, insurance or finances, your doctor’s office is the best place to start.  Often your doctors and nurses will be able to refer you to local resources that may be able to help you.

Useful websites:
CFAC: Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition
Managing the Cost of Cancer Care
Patient Advocate Foundation
Cancer Care: Offers financial assistance for cancer survivors

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